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The Scottish Borders

A 5 days trip to a self sufficient farm in Scotland.

The scenario is taken by high mountains, pine trees and narrow roads surrounded by the lakes. It is winter in here, so the foggy, specially in the morning, helps making the view more dramatic, contrasting between greens and greys

It was a seven hours driving from London (there are train options too) but our farm destination was located a bit far from the small known little towns, so we only could make it by renting a car.

The little cottage was just in front of a river, clean water and perfect for a swim, no matter how could it was. It was, actually, freezing but cold waters care good energy bump and it is a natural power healing for our bodies.

The local weather is mostly cold for plantation making it impossible for planting a variety of vegetable and fruits. Although by building a thermo green house, some green plants and fruits, as strawberries, were growing through the year.

The wood from the trees (which are constantly being re-planted) are used for the fire, the river flows with drinkable water and fish. Although they don't fish in this farm I thought it still another source of nutritious food. There were free range chickens (for the eggs) and lambs (for the milk) making this place self sufficient and independent from the outside industrial world.

There was no wifi (I mean, there was one single spot with it for emergencies) but it was a great experience to turn off and to disconnect from the crazy online world that is literally consuming our brains a lot. Please don't take me wrong, there are good contents too, but we all know how much we spend with not important things from the internet, right? So we did a lot of hiking to waterfalls and mountains. Cooked and drink in front of the fireplace, read books and enjoyed the slow and simple life. The silence from the nature was predominant. I loved it.

If you are in the United Kingdom, a few hours up north to Scotland, in my opinion, is life changing experience. I am already planing a return.

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